Review Policy

Currently Accepting Review Requests

If you are interested in having me review your book, please read through the following:

  • I do accept indie/self-published books (please make sure it’s been properly edited).
  • I do NOT guarantee a specific review time. I try to have them done in a timely manner, but I work full time and have a family. Books are a high priority to me, but not the first one.
  • I will only respond to your email if I’m interested in reading your book. Please note however that I do read all my emails.
  • I accept print copies and ebooks in the form of .mobi for Kindle
  • I will not change a review because you don’t like it. All my thoughts are my own. I do try to be kind and rarely do I post a book I didn’t like, but sometimes it does happen. Not every book is for every person.

Books I’m interested in:

All books must have a PG-13 rating or less.

I do prefer books with a romantic element.

  • Young Adult (particularly fantasy, dystopian, historical romance, but will consider others)
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fairytales
  • Historical Romance
  • Light Sci-fi
  • Many others, I have eclectic tastes (look below for what I won’t accept)

Books I’m NOT interested in:

All of these requests will be deleted. Please do not send them to me.

  • Erotica
  • Hard Sci-fi
  • Self-Help
  • Non-fiction of any kind
  • LGBT (no offense intended, it’s just not my thing)

If your books sounds like it will be a good match for me, please send an email to