Blog Tour: Black Dawn

Black Dawn
Mallory McCartney
Published by: Clean Reads Publishing
Publication date: February 14th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult

The end of an Empire. The rise of a Queen.”

Emory Fae enjoys leading a quiet, normal life that is until two mysterious, and dare I say handsome soldiers show up at her apartment doorstep and the life she knew is instantly whisked away. Coming from the magical and ravaged world of Kiero, Emory is brought back not realizing that both men are darkly woven in her past. Discovering she is the long lost heir to the Royal Line Emory is thrown into Black Dawn Rebellion with a dynamic role to ignite the rebels and reclaim her throne. With both lives clashing Emory uncovers hidden secrets from her past, a power held long dormant, and will soon realize there are worse things than supernatural humans, love, loss, betrayal, and a Mad King.

Some things are better left in the shadows.

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Author Bio:

Mallory McCartney currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and their two dachshunds Link and Lola. Black Dawn is her debut novel, the first in a series. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found dog grooming, book shopping and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

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She turned around and quickly froze. A thick silence pressed into every crevice of the room, making her hair stand on end. Shadows danced in front of her, the flames casting figures on every wall. At twenty-one, she was old enough to recognize when she had a horrible gut feeling about a situation. This was one of those times. She crept down the hallway, her palms clammy. Lightning flared outside once more, and that’s when she saw him, standing in the semi-darkness. At the end of her long hallway stood a man, his golden eyes glinting as he stepped toward her. How he had gotten into her apartment, she had no idea. Her door was always locked, and she lived on the third floor. Her back slammed into the wall behind her as she choked on a scream. That’s when she acted, running back into the kitchen and grabbing an assortment of pans and pots. She wasn’t going down without a fight. Running back into the hallway, she launched each makeshift weapon with full force. The man lurched toward her, his face becoming clearer in the candlelight. Her blood ran cold because she knew his face better than anyone—he had haunted her every waking nightmare for as long as she could remember. His handsome features softened as he looked at her. Panic and anger licked her heart, and she was about to tell him exactly where to shove it when her tongue started to feel thick and her world tilted in a tailspin. In the half shadows, as her body crumpled to the floor, the man reached out to her, whispering, “Em” so softly, it was as if he hardly dared breathe her name aloud. His voice was the last thing she heard before the darkness took her.



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