Review: Fablehaven Series


The Complete Series

by Brandon Mull

5 out of 5 stars

Source: Hardback from the Library


Series includes Fablehaven, Rise of the Evening Star, Grip of the Shadow Plague, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Keys to the Demon Prison.


It’s taken a while to get through this entire series, mostly because I read it out loud to my kids. I don’t usually take to MG books, but these are one of the few exceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed joining on the adventures with Kendra and Seth.

“Being butchered by monkeys is pretty low on my list of ways to go.”

What I liked:

  • Kendra. She’s a good main character. I like how she’s uncertain about things and nervous to try scary things, but does them anyway. She’s brave in a very real way.
  • The action. Once it gets going, it’s a ride that takes you on a great journey that I always found myself wanting more of.
  • Brandon Mull does a great job with details. There’s things in earlier books that tie into later books perfectly. I love how they all come together.
  • The characters have depth, not just the main characters, Kendra and Seth, but the other characters too. There’s a lot to them, sometimes more than you would guess.
  • The magical creatures are awesome! A lot of them are familiar in some way or another, but they’re made perfectly for this series.
  • The fourth and fifth books are my favorite! They are incredibly good! Even though the fifth book is gigantic, it’s hard to put down. My kids were always asking for “one more chapter.”
  • After the first book, it’s a fast moving series. You’re constantly jumping from one adventure to the next in a very real, good way.

What I didn’t like:

  • The first book is a little slow, but worth plowing through to get to the other books.
  • Seth’s stupidity drove me nuts! I was always groaning over his choices. Of course, without some of his choices, the plot wouldn’t be what it is. Despite that, I hope in the new Fablehaven Adventure series he’s a little less rash.
  • That it ended. lol! Really though, I’m so excited that he decided to write a follow up series because I enjoyed this one so much. Just wish I didn’t have to wait so long between releases of them all.

“Was life like that? You could look ahead to the future or back at the past, but the present moved too quickly to absorb.”

I really enjoyed this series, and my kids did as well. It was one we could easily enjoy together. I highly recommend this book to people who love fantasy. Whether or not you’re a middle grade reader or not, I think you’ll find something to enjoy about this series.

Have you read any books in this series? What did you think? Do you plan to read any books in the series? Do you usually like MG novels?


6 thoughts on “Review: Fablehaven Series

  1. I don’t read a ton of MG reads but I’ve always wanted to try these, they look like a lot of fun. Nice to hear they’re so good!


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