Top Ten Tuesday: April 18, 2017

This week I’m participation in a new meme. Yay! It’s a hard one because you have to think of ten things to go with a topic, but I’m up to the challenge. I can come up with at least five anyway.Β  I’ve seen this meme around before and thought it looked like a lot of fun to participate in.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post Mailbox Monday, it’s because I was trying to cut back the amount of books I got last week. Good thing too because I only read one book. Eek! I did get one book, which was one I read, but I’ll add it to next weeks list.

Without further ado, Top Ten Tuesday. Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They have questions posted on their website in advance if you want to participate.

This week’s top ten: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  1. Romance. I am a sucker for all things love. Now, it does need to be a sweet/clean romance, but as long as you have that, I will read ASAP!
  2. Fantasy of some sort. I’m crazy about all things magical and different. Our world is fine, but I live it every day. I’d like to be in a world where new and extraordinary things happen.
  3. Fairy Tale Retelling. What can I say? I’m still young at heart. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I just love a good retelling. Bring it on!
  4. Non Western Settings. Don’t get me wrong, I like the traditional western setting. But it’s so common. Base a fantasy off of Russia, Egypt, India, or some other more unique world and I am there!
  5. Princesses. Or queens. Or any royalty. I’m not picky. But give me someone with power or the chance at power (with romance in their future, see note #1) and I’m all over it.

Whew! Good thing I was only aiming for five and not the full ten. The first couple were easy to come up with, but then I really had to think, haha.

What things make a book an instant read for you?


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: April 18, 2017

  1. Ooh in reference to your fourth thing, have you read Rebel in the Sand by Alwyn Hamilton? It’s like a western but mixed with Arabian Nights. I just finished the second one and its so good! Plus there’s a sexy prince and fantastic romance!! ❀


  2. I’m with you on the romance! I know a lot of readers who actually prefer their novels to be romance-free, but I tend to get grouchy and bored if there’s no love-interest subplot. I guess I’m just a romantic at heart. πŸ˜›


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