Review: Glimmers of Scales

Glimmer of Scales

A Glimmers Novel #2

by Emma Savant

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Months after wrapping up her first faerie godmothering case, Olivia is faced with a new assignment: a lovesick mermaid princess who won’t give up her dreams of marrying her Humdrum crush.

But negotiating a happily ever after (and dodging the wrath of the Sea King) isn’t the biggest problem on Olivia’s plate. She’s sick with guilt over keeping the Faerie Queen’s offer a secret from Imogen. Lucas is suddenly, gorgeously, and terrifyingly single. Her parents can’t seem to stop arguing. And something is happening in Portland—something even Queen Amani seems afraid to face.

When Olivia is hit with a devastating betrayal, she’s left to pick up the pieces on her own. But it will take more than a wave of her wand to fix everything that’s been broken, and will require her to face the reality of a world where every happy ending comes with a shadow.


This book was sadder than the last one. I feel like giving a review on it is going to be really hard because all my thoughts are so spoilery. I’ll do what I can with it though.

The book is much more about Olivia and her life than the first one was. The first one  was sprinkled with bits while the main focus was on her being a fairy godmother. This one you don’t even meet the person she’s being a fairy godparent to until after page 100. I thought that would make it slow, but I was surprised to realize I’d made it that far in the book. It was all interesting stuff.

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The fairy godmother part was … frustrating. I really wanted her to stand up for herself and her own choices more, though I can see why she’s trying to go off of her past experience to make this one work. It kind of has to work the way it does though to work with the end of the book. I get that, but still was frustrating to go through.

The love story was still sparse and, well, just not what I expected. Still there enough that I wonder what’s going to happen with it in the next book. I do have a few problems with it, but maybe the next book will overcome that.

I did wish Olivia spent a little more time with her family, mainly her brother. I get why she doesn’t spend much time with her parents, sad though it is (her parents really need to get it together), but I really liked her brother and wanted to see more of him. I do like how real of circumstances she deals with, though it’s really sad.

One of the twists I totally didn’t see coming. It was quite the shocker. Still hoping that one turns out better. The other twist I guessed, though it was nice to have that guess confirmed.

I do feel like this book and series was worth reading.  I’m most anxious to read the next book and find out how everything goes!


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