Review: Glimmers of Glass

Glimmers of Glass

A Glimmers Novel #1

by Emma Savant


Hidden in the city of Portland, Oregon is a shimmering world of magic—one faerie Olivia Feye doesn’t want to touch with a ten-foot wand. She’d rather study biology, or garden, or floss her teeth, or do literally anything except pay attention to the Glimmering world and her internship at Portland’s premier faerie godparent agency.

But when her supervisor is hospitalized after a flying pumpkin carriage accident, Olivia is thrust into the middle of a case. And this one won’t be easy: Her client is Elle, a barista whose plans don’t include an enchanted prom or Prince Charming.

The reward for a happily-ever-after is enough gold pieces to get Olivia out of the Glimmering world forever. But as she comes face-to-face with the complexities of faerie godmothering, she’s forced to wonder: How much is she willing to sacrifice for her own happy ending?


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I adored this book! I have to admit, I have a soft spot for fairy tale retellings, but this one did not disappoint.  I can’t believe it has so few ratings on both Goodreads and Amazon. It’s such a gem.

Oliva’s world is developed and grows more interesting as the story progresses.  There were lots of details that all came together in the end — or left me wanting more.

It’s hard to say much without giving things away, but Oliva is helping be a fairy godmother even when she thinks she doesn’t want to. The choices she has to make to fulfill wishes as a fairy godmother are difficult ones.

Her family is a very realistic spot. Her parents and brother aren’t perfect, but then neither is she. They still have a lot of growing to do ahead of them, but I liked the little details we got about them here and there. I especially like Oliva’s brother Daniel. He is brave in his own way.

The romance for the main character is almost nonexistent in this book, but there are hints of it throughout.  I love the possibility of there being more without feeling forced. Though I’m really hoping something happens in the next book. Not a lot, just enough to keep me satisfied.

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There is some mild language throughout. Otherwise it’s a fairly clean book.

This book is perfect for anyone who like YA Fairy Tell Retellings. This is especially fun as it comes through the point of view of the fairy godmother and has a whole interlaced world that could become very complex in the books to come. I whole heartedly recommend this book.


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